London landlords and houses worst in Britain


1 in 5 London property renters have deemed their landlord a ‘nightmare’ according to a recent survey undertaken by Help Link.

The same study also revealed that London properties are the worst in the country as 23 percent of them are ‘bad value for money’ and that renters were paying on average £157 per week in rent for such properties.

The research comes as part of a partnered examination into housing conditions with Channel 5’s Paul Shamplina, known for his appearance in Nightmare Tenants and Slum Landlords.

The investigation also revealed that UK landlords accumulated £5.6 billion from properties that failed to meet legal standards whilst 740,000 houses in the UK presented ‘a severe threat to tenants’ health’.

Breaches of the Housing Health and Safety Rating System include category one hazards such as rat infestations, severe damp and risk of explosions.

Help-Link discovered that damp was the most prevalent issue within these ‘nightmare’ properties as 41 percent of households struggle with it currently.

The research comes following London mayor, Sadiq Khan’s, promise in March of this year to “name and shame… rogue” landlords who break the rules in an attempt to drive up living standards.

Others believe that landlords are not always at fault.

“We regularly come across cases where tenants have fallen on hard times and rather than communicate with their landlord for fear of losing their home, they instead choose to avoid paying the rent until the landlord reaches breaking point and the end result is eviction,” said Shamplina.

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