Government announces £12 million budget to boost science in schools.


Government announces £12 million budget to boost science in schools.

The government has announced a new £12 million budget in schools across England to help and provide support to science teachers and students.

New data has revealed that a quarter of students in England are considering a career in science and more than three quarters of students believe that science lessons are helping them prepare for life post-education.

The data published in the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment also showed that students in England typically reported that science lessons gave them more opportunities to express their ideas, conduct investigations and draw conclusions.

The new budget aims to provide professional development for science teachers, to support schools by sharing the best teaching practices, and to offer tailored in-school support.

The £12.1 million investment is set to last until 2019.

“Studying science offers a wide range of options following school – whether that’s a career in medicine, engineering or teaching science in the classroom these are the vital skills needed for the future productivity and economic prosperity of this country. This extra funding will further support high-quality science teaching in our schools,” said Schools Standards Minister, Nick Gibbs
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