Nobel Prize: Physics medal awarded to three British scientists

Nobel Prize: Physics medal awarded to three British scientists


David Thouless from the Univerisity of Washington shared one half of the Physics Nobel Prize with F. Haldane from Priceton and J. Kosterlitz from Brown University.

They were awarded for their work in applying maths of surfaces to very complex Physics issues.  It correctly describes step-by-step changes in the electrical properties of ordinary and also especially thin films and chains of atoms.

The community is happy to hear of the “richly deserved” prize and envisions a future use for thin films and atom chains in the next generations of electronics, superconductors and quantum computers.


Featured Image: Thors Hans Hansson, member of the Nobel Committee for Physics, used a pretzel, a bagel and a bun to explain how the field of topology in mathematics categorises each pastry by the number of holes they have. This same principle underpins the cross-application into Physics that earned the Nobel Prize for 2016. PHOTO: AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES

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