Sadiq Khan joins G20 mayors in fight against climate change


30 mayors from important cities across the G20 nations have written an open letter to their leaders in an urgent bid for climate change action.

The letter is a plea to the G20 leaders to address climate change as they meet in Hangzhou, China this week to discuss ways to strengthen the global economy.

“I’ve joined forces with city leaders from across the world to demand urgent action against climate change,“ tweeted Sadiq Khan.

“As mayors, we are already dealing with the consequences of climate change on our cities, from floods to heat waves, and from water shortages to air pollution. Yet, we know that cities are a key part of the climate solution,” reads the letter.

“For the major cities of the world it is already clear that the faster we move to a low carbon economy, the greater will be the improvement in urban citizens’ standards of living, and the stronger and more sustained will be the economic development that makes that possible. “

The mayors’ letter appeals to the world leaders to follow through with the emissions commitments that they made during December’s Paris Agreement.

“We, mayors of the major cities within the G20, call on our national leaders to work with us to build a low carbon, climate safe world.”

The mayors are all members of the Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40), focused on “tackling climate change and driving urban action that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and climate risks, while increasing the health, wellbeing and economic opportunities of urban citizens”.

The signatories include the mayor of Tokyo, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Paris, Rome and Buenos Aires.

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