New one hour bus ticket for £1.50


Sadiq Khan has announced that his ‘hopper’ bus ticket pledge is set to launch imminently. The new fare costing £1.50 for two bus rides in one hour is set to begin next Monday September 12th.

The change will be automatic for Oyster and contactless payments. Fares are planned to allow unlimited transfers by 2018 following a ticketing technology upgrade by TfL.

‘My dad drove the number 44 bus, and transport in London has always been a big part of my life.’, said the mayor.

The fare will also work with tram-bus transfers. A single ticket costs £1.50 on its own.

Underground travel fares are calculated from zone distances, which some say is a fairer deal.   

‘The Hopper fare will make life cheaper and easier for millions of Londoners, and will help ensure that everyone will be able to afford to travel around the city.”

“The cost of a fare in London has risen for eight years in a row and now that I’m Mayor I am determined to prevent the cost of travel from becoming a barrier to work”.

Khan also said he had “a commitment to freeze TfL fares for four years”. The new one hour ticket is estimated to cost the TfL £50 million.

Caroline Pidgeon from the Liberal Democrats party campaigned for it since 2009, and the practise is not new in the US.

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