All to play for in London Mayoral Elections


An early October YouGov poll has put the Conservative Mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith and Labour candidate Sadiq Khan neck and neck in almost every area surveyed, but the majority of people have yet to make up their minds.


When asked which of the two would make a better Mayor of London, 28 percent said Goldsmith, 29 percent Khan, and 44 percent said they didn’t know. Most areas surveyed show that similar results, establishing a trend of the two remaining within a few points of each among decideds but each’s support dwarfed by the undecideds.


Around a quarter think each would be good in a crisis, 27 percent for Khan and 26 percent for Goldsmith, but over half of people are don’t know if they think either would be good in a crisis. The two scored the same for likability (41%), around 40 percent in each case not knowing. The two are within one point of each of other when people were asked if they think each was up to the job, Khan at 39 percent and Goldsmith at 38 percent. However 42 percent of people said that they did not know if either were up to the job in each case.


The only question which established a major difference between the two was “Do you think each of the [candidates] is or is not in touch with ordinary people?”. Here, only 18 percent of people thought that multimillionaire Goldsmith was, compared to Khan’s 41 percent. However, 42 percent and 41 percent respectively said they didn’t know.

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