17 year Old Chelsea Resident raises £2,000 for Anna Freud Centre


On Sunday 13 September 2015 at  Chelsea Theatre, King’s Road, London, 17 year old Christina Carrafiell debuted her play, Fragile Life.


The play written by Carrafiell was a 50 minute piece exploring the duality between ‘what could have been’ and ‘what has transpired’.  

The play explored  the journey of two couples who simultaneously became trapped within a lift. As the story unfolded  the characters’ personalities  were exposed leaving the audience with questions. The characters’ respective relationships, their personal setbacks and what would happen upon escaping was left open.

The performance, created as a fundraising event for the Anna Freud Centre, a charity focussed on caring and supporting young people with mental health problems  raised over £2,000. “I wrote the play because I became interested in the way we use and process semantics in our daily lives…… I also wanted to explore how personal insecurities can impact and hinder relationships.” Said Carrafiell, who has been an Anna Freud Charity patron since the age of 15.


“It is wonderful to see young people using their talents to help other young people. Their support is incredibly valued by the Centre” said Katy Vaughan, Fundraising Manager, Anna Freud Centre.

Carrafiell’s next step is to try to take the play to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2016 and she will continue fundraising for the Anna Freud Centre.

For more information on Anna Freud Centre: www.annafreud.org

Yolanda Mercy

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