Police reveal knives seized at Notting Hill Carnival


Today a selection of weapons seized by the Met at Notting Hill Carnival were on display at New Scotland Yard. Over forty weapons were taken by the police at the Carnival, through a variety of active measures including stop and searches and weapon sweeps of local parks.

Among the weapons were a machete, knuckle dusters, and flick knives. Those carrying the weapons were as young as fourteen, and the age ranged up to adults. Detective Superintendent Simon Messinger, the Met lead for crime at this year’s Notting Hill Carnival, said: “These weapons give a snapshot of the range of weapons officers recovered over the bank holiday weekend and show what our officers face in policing today”.

Overall, fifty-seven knife related arrests were made over the Carnival weekend, of whom fifty have been charged. As the weapons haul is put through forensic examination, the police expect further arrests to be made.

Prior to the Carnival, the police made sixty-two arrests as fifty-seven warrants aimed at curtailing crime on the weekend were carried out on the 25th of August. The majority of the arrests were drug or violence related. In Tower Hamlets, police recovered a hand gun alongside gaffer tape and gloves during the operation.

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