Sharing snaps voids insurance


Holidaymakers face having an insurance claim rejected if their home is burgled because they posted information about their trip on Facebook or other social media. Insurance companies are checking the accounts of customers who have been burgled and refusing to pay out if they find they have advertised the fact that they were away at the time.

Insurers are citing their ‘reasonable care’ clauses in contracts that exempt the firms from offering recompense if they can prove that people weren’t careful enough in protecting their possessions, the Daily Mail reported.

This has been used in past cases of burglary where doors or windows have been left unlocked, or even open, but it is increasingly being used against holidaymakers who ‘advertise’ their holidays online.

Police have warned that many would-be thieves will check social media before striking and according to The Sun, families that announce their holidays could be deemed to be helping criminals.

“It’s possible that your insurance cover could be affected if you explicitly announce your plans on social media,” a spokesman for the Financial Ombudsman Service said. “You wouldn’t put a poster up on your front lawn saying you’re going on holiday.”

The Association of British Insurers also warned homeowners to “think carefully about what you put on social media.”


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