Feeling Stumped? Check out these new Chelsea Physic Garden lectures


The Chelsea Physic Garden will be hosting a fascinating series of talks on the uses of medicinal plants, shrubs and trees. This is inspired by the Physic Garden’s new World Woodland Garden, an area dedicated to the medicinal plants from all over the world spanning the time of human civilization.

The first lecture is on the history of malaria and its treatment from Professor Marco Corsi on Tuesday 7th July. Described as an unexpectedly lively illustrated talk about the history and treatment of malaria, it’s bound to uncover all sorts of surprising new facts on this widely known disease. From the origin of the name in the Middle Ages when “mal’aria” (bad air) was thought to have been caused by vapour from stagnant water, to the first recorded effective treatment using Chinchona bark.

Next up is Trees: their natural history by Peter Thomas on July 14th. Peter looks at the way in which woods and forests were vital elements in everyday life for our ancestors providing food, fuel and timber as well as making everything from beds to bows and arrows. He will also discuss how trees cope in a diverse range of environments and the problem of being large and long-lived.

Ancient trees is an introduction to some of the world’s longest lived trees, from the ancient oaks and limes of northern Europe to the majestic monkey puzzlers of Argentina. Brought to you by Anna Lewington & Ed Parker, this talk includes botanical and historical information as well as examples of the cultural importance of ancient tree species. It will take place on the 21st July.

The Final lecture is the history of distillation will take place on the 28th July and will brought to you by Desmond Payne. Desmond is Beefeater’s Master Distiller and will talk about the history of Beefeater, the recipes behind the famous London distillation and what gives different gins their flavour, making gin such a popular drinks.

All talks 6-8pm, £15 (including a glass of wine!)

To book online visit: http://chelseaphysicgarden.co.uk/learning/walks-talks-workshops/

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