Aural Pleasure


I have had my ‘invisible’ Lyric hearing implants, from Pindrop Hearing, for nearly four months. One of the major differences this hearing system has made to my life is with my relationships with friends, family and work colleagues. My conversations are no longer peppered with ‘what’, ‘excuse me’, ‘eh’ and other ways to simply say: I did not hear you, could you please repeat that.

I would find it very difficult to go back to how I used to hear. To prove this to myself, some mornings I wait until reaching the bus stop before turning on the Lyrics. Every time, it demonstrates just how much ‘sound’ these tiny, invisible devices make available to me. The world opens up and I think to myself “this is how I hear.” Strange to say, but I don’t notice the Lyric devices themselves, it’s almost as though they are a part of me. I can honestly say it is a totally different experience to having a standard hearing aid.

It was only by taking the plunge and going to a private audiologist that I was offered the chance of a free trial of the Lyric system. Pindrop Hearing, who provided the trial, has shown me that the care, service and overall knowledge provided by fully trained, clinical audiologists is second to none. I have learned more about my hearing problems and possible solutions in a few visits than I have by going to the NHS, high street providers of ‘hearing solutions’ or internet hearing aid sites.

Pindrop Hearing has an advert in this month’s edition of KCW Today. Do have a look as they are offering the first 50 readers a 50% reduction on their initial assessment fee (usually £300), and if suitable, a FREE 30 day trial of Lyric Hearing Aids. I can say that as someone who has moderate hearing loss, and all the problems that can arise from this, I personally recommend the Lyric.

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