Give your car a ‘home from home’


For any luxury car owner functionality and aesthetics are of vital importance. Whether you’re the owner of a vintage Defender or a modern Ferrari, owning a luxury car is a statement that defines who you are and what you drive. But whilst many luxury car drivers expect the best from their vehicles, when it comes to taking it home at night most owners will happily drive their brand of choice into a garage that’s as far away from the prestigious image they’ve come to know as it’s possible to get.


However, when buying their first luxury car and leaving the dealership, each owner feels special and knows they are driving a product that’s developed through innovation and aspiration. So why compromise this feeling when driving the car into your own garage? For any car owner functionality and aesthetics are of vital importance so why not reflect these requirements in your home garage?

As Europe’s leading garage interior and workshop systems providers, UK based Dura have recently worked for one such garage for an owner who wanted to bring the standards of the brand he admires into his own home.

Creating a design for what is often considered the ‘forgotten room’ of the house, Dura helped their Land Rover enthusiast transform his garage into an aesthetically pleasing, high quality and stylish space that would be enviable of any Land Rover owner, and seamlessly matched the professional work shops where his prized possession is serviced.

After all, with recent workshop fit outs completed for Land Rover workshops in Stafford, Battersea and Birmingham, the standards this dedicated Land Rover owner has created for himself are the very same you can find in Land Rover service centres across the country (all be it without the lifts and team of technicians of cause).

With the vast range of tool cabinets, workbenches, interlocking floor tiles and wall storage solutions that Dura can offer, you can leave the dealer and drive your car into your own perfect ‘showpiece’ garage that provides a stunning finish, in keeping with the standards your brand themselves use and the quality you have come to expect.

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