Fashion unfashionable?


People may assume that teenagers, especially girls, absolutely love fashion and if there was a simple debate as to whether the fashion industry is a blight on society; it would be easily shouted down. During a classroom debate I was expecting exactly that, however little did I know that my classmates, all fashion loving girls, hated the industry. I had fallen in love with fashion at an early age, fully aware of its faults. I understand that some see it as an industry only interested in money and they hate the skinny waists of supermodels and celebrities but I feel we are too quick to place blame on things we accept.

Throughout the debate I had countless girls questioning me, most of them trying to make me accept the industry was responsible for anorexia and the unrealistic skinny waists that society prizes. Now in hindsight I realise that most of those girls were skinny and perfectly happy with it. Normally they look like a lovely Topshop advert and would definitely take that as a complement. It is a little hypocritical of them to place blame on something that they otherwise embrace and have no problem with. In fact it seems that it doesn’t matter that every other industry has faults, people still think that fashion is not a serious artform and that you aren’t too bright if you want to become part of the industry, whether they are ready to admit it out loud or not.

When I informed my classmate that I want lead a path in fashion I often receive an unconvinced look of pity. They all easily accepted anything negative but were hesitant to see it as a form of art or expression. My friend who I was debating against frequently wears Shakespeare shirts to display her personality and love of English, however simply because the Primark  Bangladesh wages scandal collapse everyone promptly forgot all the work into sustainable fashion, all the millions of jobs which are created and most importantly the freedom of expression. Apple also has severe problems in its poor Chinese factories but God help the person who insults the IPhone. (Of course we value playing angry birds on the bus much more than showcasing part of our personality on a daily basis). And more about personality – “His are the only clothes in which I am myself. He is far more than a couturier, he is a creator of personality,” Hubert de Givenchy’s muse Audrey Hepburn said of the designer.

At the end of the debate I felt so frustrated. All the problems which the opposition had mentioned were not unique to the fashion industry and even when we pointed that out no one was willing accept it. I just hoping the trend of blaming everything on fashion will go out of style soon.

 This Article Supplied by Tanya Kovatchka

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