Land Rover unveils new ‘Unstoppable Spirit’ sculpture


How do you promote a new car? In the past, car manufacturers have gone to great lengths to make you want their latest models from driving a Jeep up a flight of stairs and through a window, to building a full sized Lego statue of the Volvo XC90. Land Rover, it could be argued, has outdone many of them.

    The company’s design director, Gerry McGovern has collaborated with Italian artist Nino Mustica for a pair of sculptures, one red and one blue, on the South Bank. The installations, which took over 8000 hours to make, feature life size sculptures of the new Discovery Sport, climbing a part of the sculpture. This helps show off the car’s off-road prowess.

Dubbed ‘Unstoppable Spirit,’ the sculptures “celebrate the fusion of art and automotive design.”

    For many, car design itself is an art form. But for quite a lot of people, a car is just an appliance, a mode of transport and nothing more.  In the past, many artists have created works inspired by the automobile, from Carhenge in Nebraska, an automotive parody of Stonehenge, to the famous BMW art cars since 1975. And that’s before you get into the many songs written about hot rods.

    We have always been fascinated by cars, more than many other inventions. Unstoppable Spirit is just the latest in a long line of ways we’ve paid tribute to cars. But it’s certainly one of the most memorable.

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