NHS is on the hunt for vital autumn blood donors


In September, as the summer holidays end, children head back to school and people return to work, NHS Blood and Transplant is urging people in London to make sure giving blood is part of their routine. NHS Blood and Transplant is asking blood donors in London to make an appointment to donate blood to help keep stocks healthy throughout the autumn months.

Although overall blood use within the NHS has reduced, thanks to improvements in clinical and surgical practices, hospitals and patients still rely on more than 7,000 people attending a donation session every day across England and North Wales.

It is important that vital blood stocks are maintained at all times, as red blood cells have a shelf life of just 35 days and platelets a shelf life of only seven days. NHS Blood and Transplant needs to collect enough blood in the right quantities to meet patient needs and regular donors are crucial in enabling us to do so.

Dominic Sutherland, Lead Donor Relations Manager for NHS Blood and Transplant, said: ‘We need to maintain healthy blood stocks all year round to make sure patients get the blood they need whenever they need it.  Some of our donors might have recently been abroad to somewhere that means they need to take a short break from donating.  So whether you’ve donated before or are thinking about giving blood for the first time, check out if your foreign holiday has affected whether you can donate now.  If you can donate, please book an appointment to give blood and save lives. You never know when you or your loved one may need a life saving transfusion.’

To find out whether where you’ve been on your summer holiday affected whether you can donate now, visit: https://my.blood.co.uk/KnowledgeBase/Travel

Blood is always required to treat patients for a range of reasons. It is used in accidents and emergencies but also during surgery and treatment for cancer and blood disorders, like sickle cell anaemia.

You can register as a donor, find out whether we’ve got a session coming up in your area and book an appointment to donate whenever and wherever you are through www.blood.co.uk or by using our app on your Android, Windows or Apple device. To download an app for your device, search ‘NHSGiveBlood’ in the app store.


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