Exciting oriental fusion eatery opens in Belgravia


When the Old Tree first opened in Golder’s Green in the summer of 2010, it was the first authentic Taiwanese bakery and restaurant in London, beginning its existence selling bubble pearl teas and some light Taiwanese dishes. The founders: Miss Chia Chin Lin and Mr. Ron Yap originated from southern Taiwan where bubble tea originates from and is widely held to be where the soul of Taiwanese cuisine can be found. After three years of steadily building their reputation Old Tree opened a shop at a second location in Rupert Street, built in the style of a Taiwanese Market eatery. The more fast paced and casual theme quickly attracted a bohemian crowd.

On the 21st of August, at the Grosvenor Waterside development in the heart of Belgravia, Old Tree’s third restaurant (Old Tree Asian Spice) will open its doors for its Grand Opening. its sister restaurants Old Tree Asian Spice’s goal has evolved from the original mission to bring authentic Taiwanese cuisine to London into a desire to deliver the best food from every Asian cuisine under one roof with the menu combining a dizzying selection of Taiwanese, Malaysian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai and Cantonese options.

Daily lunch menu includes Bento boxes, noodles soup set with desserts and salad. Dinner menu offers a larger selections including Taiwanese BBQ, which one could only find in a night Market in the Southern parts of Taiwan, Malaysian Satay from the street vendors of Malaysia and Japanese Yakatori.

The cocktail menu was created by Christine Cheng, one of Old Tree’s Taste Guru, these cocktails has been created to compliment a vast selection of nibbles & light dishes. Special cocktails includes one named Dragon Eye which the key ingredient is a homemade Longan Syrup prepared by one of the founders mother, dried Longan is boiled with filtered water and reduced to smooth brown syrup. For those interested in sampling the menu Old Tree Asian Spice can be found on Gatliff Road, Belgravia, London, SW1W 8QN

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