Battersea Power Station chimney comes down


Work has begun on dismantling one of Battersea Power Station’s iconic chimneys this week as part of an ongoing million pound project to redevelop the structure.

This marks phase two of the project which was given the go-ahead after structural tests were conducted. The south west chimney is the first to go down, and it is thought that it will take at least five months for the structure to be safely taken apart.

A rig has been set up around the chimney, which will slowly ‘funnel’ debris down until contractors have a clean slate on which to rebuild, a process that is anticipated to take five months. Once finished the new chimney will reach a height of 101m.

Once the new structure stand 35m tall, work will begin on the other three chimneys.

Money has been set aside to rebuild the chimneys, even in the event that the redevelopment goes bust, after several other projects have been called off. This is to preserve the famous architectural look of the building.

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