The Alternative Daily Commute:

The Alternative Daily Commute:


For the capital city that has been voted as having ‘the best public transport in the world’ by the online company TripAdvisor, London does not take full advantage of the main thread that sows the capital city together. In the same poll London’s public transport system was also voted as the most expensive and the London Mayor despite much criticism has recently announced that public transport fares will continue to rise in 2012.

Well if all modes of transport were as clean and as relaxing as the boat trips available up and down river every morning then it most definitely is worth paying a little extra money as opposed to travelling via over-priced steel saunas with engines. It is truly an uninspiring start to the day for people going to work – to be exposed to the trauma of the tube or buses. Sitting on the top deck with the boat gently humming and the wind lightly whistling as we meandered east-bound along the river, one would hardly believe that this was what some refer to as their daily commute. No sweaty over-packed trains or delays but rather reading the newspaper in peace and style whilst being refreshed by the summer-morning breeze and warmed by the rays of the sun. Travelling al-fresco on the Thames is by far my most relaxing experience of the daily commute if not even one’s day.

Boris and Barclay’s BikesWhat is the most multi-tasking means of transport available in London today?  Boris’s and Barclay’s Bikes encourage healthy living, aim at reducing the burden on the NHS, economical on the purse and the environment and an advertising coup for the bank.  The bikes initiative is about to celebrate its one year anniversary and although many argue that the Parisian version of Boris’ Bikes have beaten London for reliability and customer service the majority of the feedback has been rather promising. My experience of biking through London was highly enjoyable, the weather was good and the traffic highly understanding of my novice bike handling and overall I enjoyed the experience.

However what I did find somewhat disappointing was the lack of docking stations just south of the river in Battersea. for timetables & maps.

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