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Young Chelsea meets Made in Chelsea: The Exhibitionists and the Voyeurs

Wednesday, 23rd November 2011

"We have eliminated the real world - which world is left? The world of appearances? Not at all. Together with the real world, we have eliminated also the world of appearances" Nietzsche


85% of the world’s population watch television through some medium, the other 15% don’t watch it out of choice but simply because they have no access to it- they have no choice!

Reality television in particular has been a rising phenomenon over the past five years. I doubt when Orwell penned 1984 he expected his Big Brother character to develop into a yearly television cult show. The reason why reality TV works quite so well is because people with exhibitionist tendencies have an opportunity to present themselves to the public who in turn possess voyeuristic tendencies. There is an ingrained interest in observing and investigating human nature and behaviour. 

Big Brother is the only programme which presents the audience with an opportunity to take on a totalitarian mindset: the contestants do not have access to anything going on in the outside world and the power ultimately lies with the viewers at home, the media and show producers.

Although this could be seen as a rather sadistic process, Big Brother works well for all parties involved; it makes for light entertainment whilst giving the contestants an opportunity to obtain ten minutes of fame and fills the pockets of the producers and directors of the show.

Recently new programmes have inundated British televisions that create an illusion of being reality TV when in fact the situations are set up. The writer of Coronation Street, Daran Little, is the puppeteer behind Made in Chelsea. The not-so-holy trinity of the most popular current reality TV shows available is comprised of: Jersey Shore, The Only Way is Essex and our very own Made in Chelsea. The trinity will soon be disturbed when the Made in Shoreditch reality TV show joins in the fun.

Seeing as the cast of ‘Made in Chelsea’ have succeeded in obtaining a second series, I thought it was about time that Young Chelsea met up with some of them for a few questions about the show, reality TV and pigeonholing the young of The Royal Borough. It was about time that the voyeuristic tendencies of Young Chelsea were accommodated by the exhibitionist ideals of ‘Made in Chelsea’.

To keep a balance I interviewed both a female and a male character. Millie Mackintosh who has been a character of Made in Chelsea since the first series: Jamie Laing interview will appear online tomorrow and can be found in the print edition which can be picked up at local libraries in The Royal Borough.

Q: Millie, does your on-screen Made in Chelsea character reflect who you are as a person in the reality of your day to day life?

A: I don’t see myself as a character on screen, that is the real me you seen on screen but it’s only a snap shot of my life.

Q: What sort of message do you think Made in Chelsea sends to young people?

A: I think it shows what happens in reality with real relationships and the ups and downs of love and friendships. The support from my young fans is amazing but they shouldn’t take things too literally.

Q: Made in Chelsea is presented as reality TV however it is scripted. Does this mean fiction is invariably more preferable to reality?

A: I have never seen a script for the show, its not like we are actors! Its our real lives we are just sometimes put in set up situations.

Q: The writer of Made in Chelsea recently received an award for his other endeavor: Coronation Street. How would you feel if you were swapped for an episode with one of the characters of that show?

A: I can’t say I watch it some really comment but I’m sure it would be funny.

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