100 Wonderful Women by the WRAC Association at National Army Museum

100 Wonderful Women by the WRAC Association at National Army Museum


The Women’s Royal Army Corps (WRAC) Association will launch its first ever book at the National Army Museum on the 4th of October, 6-8.30pm. 100 Wonderful Women launches to coincide with the charity’s 100th year.

The book (priced £9.99) features powerful stories of one hundred women who have served in the British Army from 1917 to the present day.

It captures not only ‘well-known’ stories, but also the more prosaic ones of women’s service in a multitude of roles – from telephone switchboard operators in WW1, through to present day tales now that all roles across the British Army are open to all. Stories include:

  • One of the first female soldiers to die by enemy fire in WW1
  • A lady who served in both the WAAC, QMAAC, ATS and  WRAC – all 4 four women army corps badges (!) between 1917 – 1950
  • The Army’s first female Bandmaster who is currently a Major in the Adjutant General’s Corps (ETS)
  • As we approach the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of WW2, this book includes 200 pages of pioneering women who have served our nation, at the same time pushing forward roles for women in Society as a whole thanks to their pioneering spirit.

For further information and podcasts about the book, please click here.

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