Kensington and Chelsea Police & Safer Neighbourhoods team

Kensington and Chelsea Police & Safer Neighbourhoods team


Dear Chief Inspector Simon Brooker, Sargent Nick Hamer and the Kensington and Chelsea Police.

I would like to thank you, so very much for the hard work and commitment the local Police and Safer Neighbourhoods team, in Earls Court have demonstrated in safeguarding children in the RBKC community. Particularly, my youngest son which your dedicated team of PC’s have shown in most recent months.

A few weeks ago PC Dell, PC Teasdale and PC Coggan took my youngest child to visit the Royal Albert Hall for an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour, to one of the most iconic performing arts venues in the world. To see the Police, work with children at such ground- level really is unheard of and exemplary. This opportunity further encouraged my son’s aspirations to want to peruse and develop his aptitude in music. In addition to further pursue opportunities at renowned music institutions.  My son is so appreciative of the experience at the RAH and is still awe-struck by PC Dell and PC Teasdale’s support.

The Earls Court area has had a long standing history of attracting crime and other serious forms of illicit activity, which is a huge concern for many of us who live in the borough. My sons have been exposed to child grooming, putting them in venerable situations and at risk in one of the most sought out areas to live.  In my letter to you, I want to thank you and let you know how captivated I have been by the work the above named officers have done to safeguard our youth and befriend them.
These Police officers have gone above and beyond there remit, showing that they truly care about the work they do and I am so grateful. I also want to thank you and the officers for the increase in Police presence and routine operations in the Earls Court area. This has led to extra stop and search, resulting in many arrests, which is clearly sending out a strong message to criminals coming in from other areas,
who wish to exploit children in RBKC. I know that you see every day the worst our community has to offer. You see the poor results of choices that some young people make. Also, the pain and suffering that come of those choices.

If not for the Police’s watchful care over our community and the personal care for both my sons I would not know of a more trusting source to turn to during a time of increased youth violence and knife crime in our country.

I cannot adequately express my thanks for the work  being done to keep our neighbourhood a safer place to live.

Yours sincerely,

Ms. Sharon Ezzeldin

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