It’s never too late to upskill & learn something new at WAES

It’s never too late to upskill & learn something new at WAES


There are many reasons as to why people find it hard to return to education, starting families, retirement or illness. It can feel like a daunting task especially in your adult years, but this is probably the best time to take advantage of something new and challenging.

Adult education is the stepping stone to get you on the right footing, and with a wealth of subjects available locally to most people, the transition couldn’t be easier, andWestminster Adult Education Service (WAES) supports learners to make that crucial first step back into the classroom, where inspiration, hard work and challenge can turn lives  round.

Hilary Chambers

Having worked in vocational education for nearly 15 years, Hilary had been looking for an opportunity to develop new skills, meet new people and do something different. The part-time graphic design courses at WAES were a great way for her to gain knowledge and skills in design software and processes whilst exploring her creativity and achieving a qualification. The flexibility allowed Hilary to study alongside her job and prepare for a potential change in careers.

Through studying the level 3 course, she gained technical skills in programs like Photoshop, Illustrator and nDesign. She was inspired to look at design in a different way, challenging her perception of graphic communication and developing a new-found respect for layout and typography along the way, “Seeing some of my designs displayed as part of the end of year exhibition was particularly rewarding. Having completed the course I am looking to develop my portfolio further and am investigating internship opportunities where I can put my new skills into practice in a working environment.”

Anna Bounie

Anna was born in Southern Italy where she studied painting at the Bari Art Academy, before graduating in English and Spanish Literature. She then worked as a translation and project manager in a design company in London for  several years.

Anna’s main inspiration is her home in Hampstead. She enjoys tailoring each piece to match a particular mood or create a specific feeling to a room. Anna has been at WAES for two years now and completed both a Level 1 and 2 in Ceramics, gaining a full distinction in Level 3 Ceramics. Anna is part of a woman’s collective that have started up their own studio by the London School of Mosaics. To celebrate the success of its creative learners, WAES held its first 2018 Creative Graduates Exhibition at Westminster Reference Library. This was an absolute triumph, giving WAES’ Creative Graduates maximum exposure to key stakeholders and this is a testament to one of the many ways in which WAES strives to support learner’s progression.

It’s never too late to upskill and learn something new and with local organisations like WAES on your doorstep to help, why not try something new today. Come along and meet staff and learners on 2nd February 2019 or e-mail: for more information.

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