Leaders in Education

Leaders in Education


L’Ecole des Petits and L’Ecole de Battersea are very proud to have been featured in Our Future King: Prince Charles at 70, a commemorative publication to celebrate a lifetime of achievement on the 70th birthday of HRH Prince Charles, launched on his birthday, 14th November, at the Ritz Hotel.

The book reflects on his passions and philosophy and includes interviews by award-winning author Robert Jobson, who has chronicled the story of the House of Windsor for the past 30 years, with like-minded and innovative organisations in the areas of HRH’s Leaders in Education interests. In the field of education, fourteen institutions from nursery and primary schools to research universities were selected from across Europe and the Commonwealth as Leaders in Learning, and who share his beliefs in the benefits of a holistic education.

L’Ecole des Petits and L’Ecole de Battersea were selected for their pioneering work in promoting bilingual education from an early age in London, winning the acclaim of both British and French education systems. Quotes from Mirella Otten: “We are described as the most British of the French schools in London”.

“All children should have the same chances whatever their background, and whilst they will all evolve differently, they should all have the opportunity to progress to the best of their ability, and to be encouraged to do so.”

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