Domestic Violence: Coordinating the Strategic Intervention (DVCI) Project Final Dissemination Conference

Domestic Violence: Coordinating the Strategic Intervention (DVCI) Project Final Dissemination Conference


Practitioners and coordinators working to help combat violence against women and girls are invited to a conference on Wednesday 17 October at Kensington Town Hall to look at the new accredited training in line with the EU best practice in order to expand their knowledge and ensure victims get help as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Kensington and Chelsea Council has led a two-year programme to develop a more effective and less traumatic multi-agency coordinated approach to help women and girls who have been victim of abuse.  Working with Standing Together Against Domestic Violence, Dimitra (from Greece), Catharsis (from Romania) and Region de Murcia (from Spain), this European project for innovative accredited training is leading the way in improving the response to violence against women and girls.

 The DVCI European Commission-funded project for preventing Domestic Violence and VAWG  is nearing completion and we would like to celebrate with you our success and to invite you to join in this unique and innovative accredited training.

The UK Conference is presenting the pilot training programme focusing on the Coordinated Approach in DV and VAWG field, implementing a multi-agency, community response in the UK and across partner countries, and promoting the uptake of the EU training for national adaptation.

Besides meeting partners from UK, Spain, Greece and Romania and professional representatives from UK statutory, voluntary and educational sectors who are working to eliminate domestic violence and violence against women and girls in our age and times, you will learn about the accredited pilot training courses for professionals in that sphere that are currently running in 4 European countries.

Here you can find other people that are joining forces in the battle against domestic violence, you can share learning and experience and you can help a good cause by promoting the outcomes and broadening the impact of the DVCI project for enabling multi agencies coordinated work to better meet the challenges of Coordinating the Strategic Intervention Against Domestic Violence.

You will have the opportunity to get DVCI promotion packs and spread the word for the pilot courses developed as a result of 4 European countries partnership work.

Last but not least you will be able to witness first-hand what we can achieve when we are together with our European partners and find inspiration in our common goals and similarities.

For more information, email  

 or book yourselves a place on

Wednesday, 17 October 2018, 10.00 am – 2.00 pm

Kensington Town Hall

The Small Hall 

Hornton Street,

London W8 7NX


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