Taming of the Shrew – 8-13th October

Taming of the Shrew – 8-13th October


Shakespeare’s thought provoking, darkly funny and often considered controversial play is the newest production from London based theatre company Shake–Scene Shakespeare. Known for their work using ‘cue–script’ preparation, the actors perform without prior full cast rehearsal.

Given only their character’s lines and immediate cue words, the actors ensemble together on stage without prior knowledge of what or who they will encounter. Thus beginning an attention-grabbing voyage of discovery.

The audience is part of the adventure into the unknown and experiences (as close to as possible) what Elizabethan theatre goers would have seen on stage. Audiences were known to pay double to see Shakespeare’s new plays performed for the first time, such was the excitement of knowing you would make discoveries with the actors as they experience the unfolding of the story together.

The cast, which includes a 60/40 male to female representation on stage includes Jonathan McGarrity (The Full Monty national tour, Coronation Street), Angela Bull (Wallis: The Queen That Never Was, Channel 5), Robbie Capaldi (Romeo, in Romeo and Juliet for Sh*tfaced Shakespeare) and Eugenia Low (BBC Radio 4’s award winning audio drama ‘Quake’).

Shake-Scene Shakespeare www.shake-sceneshakespeare.co.uk specialises in cue-scripted live performance, using a 16th-century theatre practice to innovate theatre making. Lizzie Conrad Hughes, the creator and artistic director of Shake-Scene Shakespeare, has produced five previous cue-scripted plays: As You like It (The Gibberd Garden, Harlow, July 2018), Romeo and Juliet (The Birds, Leytonstone, June 2018), Merchant of Venice (2017), The Tempest (2016) and Two Gentleman of Verona (2015) at The Cockpit. Shake-Scene productions delight audiences, receive critical acclaim and attract academic interest. Lizzie has been teaching Shakespeare for 25 years alongside a career as an actress.

Taming of the Shrew will play at Tristan Bates Theatre, 1A Tower St, Covent Garden WC2H 9NP

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