The Quest Professional Guide to Surviving A-level Results Day

The Quest Professional Guide to Surviving A-level Results Day


By Claire Granados, Principal, Quest Professional

Results day can be tough to manage if your teenager didn’t secure their hoped-for grades.

It may seem from social media and conversations with friends that everyone got the marks they wanted – however, in reality there will be thousands of students who didn’t achieve what they expected.

Even without attending university, there are plenty of options to set young people off on the path to success; you never know, they may even find a new direction that suits them better!

To help your child get back on track, read our top tips for getting school leavers through results day to emerge with a positive plan:

  1. Remain calm, be pro-active and stay assertive

Don’t panic! Keep a cool head and direct your energy into researching options in a logical and professional manner. Plan B is just around the corner!

  1. Speak to your university

Call the admissions department at your preferred university. You won’t be the only person who is reconsidering their options – places may have been released by other students on your chosen course. This means that the university may consider those who have missed their required grades by a few marks.

  1. Look for alternative courses that may be of interest to you

Browse the vacancies on the UCAS website to see if your course is available at another university. You can also search for other interesting programmes with lower grade criteria at your preferred location. Stay focused: only apply for degrees which are right for you and fit your future plans. Take your time to avoid making an irrational decision that you might regret.

  1. Take a gap year

Turn the experience into a positive one by taking some time out of education to gain valuable work experience. You may decide to re-take your A-levels next year.

  1. Take another route into your career of choice

Consider completing a Quest Professional course which can help you gain key business skills. Our graduates go on to work at some of the most prestigious global companies– including businesses in the City of London and Canary Wharf. With over 87% of our graduates securing work within eight weeks of graduating, this proves that you don’t need a degree to succeed.

You might be surprised at how much you enjoy professional life earning your own money and wonder why you ever considered further study!

  1. Question your motives

Do you want to go to university? What are your reasons? Are you following other people’s dreams or your own? There are plenty of amazing job opportunities which don’t require a degree. Making the choice to fast-track yourself into employment could be the best decision you ever make!

Remember there are always career options out there for hard working individuals. Quest provides the life skills, independence and confidence that your child needs to succeed.  Once your child secures their first job it really will make you wonder why you were ever worried about their future!


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