Lambeth goes green

Lambeth goes green


Lambeth Council is investing £600,000 in zero-emissions electric road sweeping vehicles, helping keep both the streets and the area’s air quality clean. The fleet of five electric vehicles will be operated by Lambeth’s street cleaning contractor Veolia as an enhancement to its existing services. Dubbed the Green Machine 500ZE, the new sweepers will be debuted in the summer of 2018.

“This new investment will help make our streets even cleaner without detriment to London’s air quality,” Cllr Jenny Brathwaite, Cabinet Member for Housing and Environment, said. “Improving air quality is a priority for Lambeth, and our new street cleaning vehicles are only one of the many things we are doing, such as discouraging idling and increasing the amount of monitoring equipment on our streets.”

Regular street cleaning vehicles burn diesel and while modern engines are far less harmful than older ones, they are still not nearly as clean as the electric version. Another added benefit is noise pollution as electric vehicles run completely silent.

Lambeth is also aiming to increase electric vehicle ownership among residents with £200,000 going towards fast charging points. The council has also been trialling using lamp columns as charging points.

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