Fulham F.C. to expand Craven Cottage

Fulham F.C. to expand Craven Cottage


Fulham F.C. will redevelop its Riverside Stand to increase the capacity of its Craven Cottage stadium to 29,600 with work beginning at 2020. The work will also see the Thames Path opened for the first time, so pedestrians can walk from Hammersmith to Putney Bridge.

As part of the £100m development, Fulham FC will:

  • Demolish the existing Riverside Stand, to be replaced by a new two-tier stand with an increased capacity, and improved facilities;
  • Install a new riverside walkway, to be open to the public on non-match-days; and
  • Build new leisure and retail facilities, plus nine serviced apartments.

As well as providing jobs and new facilities for the local community, H&F Council has secured a series of benefits for the local community, worth a total of £1.8m. These include:

  • £150,000 worth of improvements to Putney Bridge station;
  • £660,000 up front for the restoration and maintenance of Bishops Park, with that figure rising to more than £1m within 10 years;
  • A requirement for Fulham FC to be good neighbours, stewarding fans through the local area on the way to and from the stadium, and cleaning up after them each and every match day.

There will also be contributions towards a number of local transport schemes, focusing on green transport and the safety of pedestrians.

“This is great news for Fulham FC and Craven Cottage at a time when they are pushing for promotion to the Premier League,” said Kim Dero, Chief Executive of H&F Council.

“It is also great news for the local community, who will benefit in many ways from the redevelopment. Our job now is to ensure the hugely impressive package of associated benefits is delivered for the local area.”

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