Westminster Council axes resident ballots policy

Westminster Council axes resident ballots policy


According to a letter seen by Insider Housing, the leader of the Westminster City Council Nickie Aiken has dropped its policy to ballot residents on estate regeneration.

Responding to Sian Berry, chair of the Greater London Authority Housing Committee, Aiken wrote: There are a variety of reasons for moving away from a vote, including the low turn-out these votes attract, the fact that they represent a moment in time only, whereas regeneration schemes are long and complex.

“Many things in an area can change following any specific vote. They also lead to a tendency, should the vote be successful, to reduce resident consultation following the vote.”

The Borough’s previous policy stipulated that it had to ballot residents before regeneration, but this letter was the first public confirmation that it was no longer official policy.

The final version is due to be completed soon, with the Greater London Authority citing the Grenfell tragedy as the cause behind its delay.

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