Tech start-up brings affordable parking to Central London

Tech start-up brings affordable parking to Central London



Mission: ParkBee takes unused private parking garages and makes them available to the public in major cities. Today if you want to park in London, the cost of doing so in a public carpark can be eye watering. ParkBee works with private landowners to open up the hidden space in the city, at a fraction of the cost to the customer. Enabling more people to park conveniently without it costing a small fortune, and encouraging office buildings to make a small income on the empty spaces. It’s difficult to park in most cities, and ParkBee is making it easier to find and reserve the wasted space often hidden from view, and helping drivers save up to 70% on parking fees.

What makes us different: ParkBee’s technology can be integrated into the system of any carpark, which means barriers are not an issue. With just the tap of a button via RingGo or ParkMobile apps, ParkBee users can access a private garage and take a designated empty space. To date, ParkBee has opened 20 locations in London with rates as low as £3.50/day, including key central areas like Westminster, Chelsea, London Bridge and Tottenham Court Road.

“It’s great to be back in London and bring ParkBee to the UK. City centres are getting busier, as well as more difficult and expensive to navigate, whilst the amount of underutilised parking spots in, for example, office buildings and small business centres, amazes me. We aim to bring a convenient and decently priced parking option to Londoners, by optimising the use of space to decrease the time drivers spend looking for a parking space. The quicker people can park their cars and get on with their day, the better it is for everyone.” (Tom Buchman, co-founder ParkBee)

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