Made In Italy, 249 Kings Road

Made In Italy, 249 Kings Road


Welcome to the Tardis, where a small side-cum-front door (due to be changed shortly) apparently leads only to a few downstairs tables and a small open terrace above which can be glimpsed from the street. Then you notice the steps leading up to a mezzanine level from the ground floor, and there`s more. A spacious lower ground, a large upper level private room, and two roof terraces. In the summer you can also dine out the back. As if this wasn`t enough they are thinking of extending up further.

Confronted with this architectural slip in the space time continuum, some strange inverse law overtook us – on seeing the menu, we ordered masses. Could all of this lavish spread be fitted in? I needed beer to limber up for this, and the citrusy limited edition Moretti Sicilia was ideal. My date went for the Sangiovese del Rubicone. Our Blitzkrieg on starters included Sorriso di Mozzarella (fried bread-crumbed Mozz, which incidentally is made in Battersea, and excellent) with a bit too sweet cherry tomato dip, Arancini, Bruschetta, Frittura di Calamari e Zucchine (bit bland on the dip) and some delightful lightly garlicked pizza base with rocket, more Battersea Mozzarella and Parma Ham loosely scattered on top.

I think we may have had the best waitress in the house in Simone, who kept the table supplied, but not overloaded with our impromptu Meze, and didn`t blink an eye when I decided to tough it out and continue with a Pasta. Hello Tagliatelli with Porcini, fennel infused Sicilian sausage and mixed mushroom, goodbye January resolutions! You don`t have to ask if it was worth it.

And so to the question of dessert. OK, I admit it – I did order, and no, I don`t have an excuse. I surely didn`t need the calories at this stage. Let`s gloss over this bit, as I`m still about 50,000 steps short of working off the mains let alone anything else. Despite the obvious dichotomy of Made in Italy proudly selling Battersea Mozzarella, this is a great place for the simple flavours of authentic produce shining through, and a terrific venue for quality Pizza that you can buy by the yard.

I nipped in here just before some changes are due, so expect some menu updates, however I`m sure the underlying philosophy will continue. Reservations on 020 7352 1880

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