Developers told to wake-up on ‘oligarch mansions’

Developers told to wake-up on ‘oligarch mansions’


Westminster City Council have turned away plans for 13 new ‘oligarch’ homes to be built in the borough under the grounds that the plans ‘did not make a good use of the space available’, as part of what the council has described as wider attack on wealthy ‘oligarchs’ using valuable real-estate as assets, claiming “Golden post codes must not be used as Monopoly board style investments for oligarchs and the most wealthy.”

The proposed scheme would have created a row of 4, 5 and 6-bedroom luxury town houses on the expensive York Terrace East expected to go on the market with multimillion price tags.

The council’s planning committee deferred the decision (meaning that developers Westbourne Capital Partners must revise their plans) on the grounds that the development did not meet the council’s policy to create more housing across the city.

Not only did the development not provide enough individual housing units, the houses were considered to be overly large, four of the homes were almost 9 times bigger than a normal six-bedroom home.

Now the developers must reconsider the best use of the site to ensure that any future scheme would create more homes as well as affordable housing on site.

Westminster City Council Chairman of Planning Cllr Richard Beddoe said: “Developers need to wake-up before bringing forward schemes which don’t make the most of the space available.

“The council is committed to creating more homes in the city and we have been clear that if you build in Westminster, you must build affordable. These luxury town houses do not offer any benefit to our local community.“


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