West End Labour calls for new operators for the Windmill Theatre following licence loss

West End Labour calls for new operators for the Windmill Theatre following licence loss

Patrick Lilley of the West End Labour Action Team says:

“It would be tragic if this this hugely historic venue closed for good and was replaced by a bland and faceless chain store or restaurant.

It’s a really special place, with a hundred years of history as a theatre, a comedy club, became famous for burlesque and was visited by both male and female members for the Royal Family.

It was the West End’s Moulin Rouge and stayed open during the Blitz with the slogan Never Closed (though some changed that to, Never Clothed!) The staff and performers hid in the basement during the worst of the bombing. But a long history doesn’t mean it can ignore the regulations.   Especially those designed to protect women.

The current operators and management have failed miserably and Westminster Council are absolutely right to revoke the license.

The West End Labour Action Team want a brand new operator, with responsible management, to come up with a plan to reopen the Windmill.  Whoever takes over must have a first class track record and bring it back to its former glory to contribute to the West End’s allure.

Licensed premises have to work in their environment, not only in terms of complying with the regulations and best practice, which the current operators clearly failed to do, but also not disrupt the lives of residents.  

We’d like to see the Windmill run professionally and creatively by one of the many excellent operators in Westminster.

There are enough challenges to the West End entertainment industry, like crippling rent and business rates rises, to add bad management to that list.”

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