Upcoming meetings with the Westminster Business Council

Upcoming meetings with the Westminster Business Council


Mentoring Meet Up

9th January 2018

These sessions allow for the sharing of knowledge and business experiences, for mentees to ask industry professionals questions and essentially to create a platform for dialogue to flourish.  With good conversations come good connections and good mentoring partnerships.

31st January 2018

Making better use of London’s Kerb space. – The future of Logistics and Deliveries

 Join Grid Smarter Cities as they discuss a new way to manage Kerb space in our congested cities with ‘Kerb’, a brand new Intelligent Kerbside Management tool that gives hauliers and service delivery vehicles the ability to book previously restricted kerb space through the provision of bookable Virtual Loading Bays.

SME Cyber Security 27th February

The Business Show 2018

Following Barclays’ removal of its Kaepersky anti-virus service, British firms are engaging in a number of internal checks to ensure that their own customers are not at risk. Cyber-security has become one of the most serious challenges facing companies around the world, and as such, Westminster Business Council and the London Digital Security Centre will be discussing ways SME businesses can grow and innovate through operating in a secure digital environment.

875,000 SMEs across the UK have been affected by a cyber-attack over the last 12 months, with firms in London worst affected.

Of those affected over a fifth of SMEs hit by a cyber attack said that the breach had cost them more than £10,000 and one in 10 said that it had cost them more than £50,000.

But despite those potential losses, a survey of over 1,000 UK SMEs also showed almost half – or 49 percent – admitted that they plan to spend £1,000 or less on their cyber defences in the next 12 months, while 22 percent said that they don’t know how much they will spend.

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