Exciting mayor-sponsored ‘City-to-City’ programme for businesses moving abroad

Exciting mayor-sponsored ‘City-to-City’ programme for businesses moving abroad


In an age of populism and heightened nationalism, The City-To-City Business Welcome Programme, led by London & Partners, was launched. The initiative focuses on establishing a global network of cities to help entrepreneurs develop their businesses across different markets.

Since the launch earlier this year by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and Paris Mayor, Anne Hidalgo, other major cities including Berlin, Lille, Amsterdam, San Diego, and Lisbon have joined Paris on the programme.

Businesses from around the world can set up in London without the angst that comes attached. Moving abroad as a business can be very challenging, but with the support that the City-To-City programme offers, business leaders can set up in a much smoother and more efficient way.

What does the programme offer? For companies on an exploratory visit, London & Partners offers free workspace for up to a month and provides discounted travel in all London networks.

Business leaders have the opportunity to meet with business development managers who can offer support in dealing with the practical demands of setting up the company and even signposting them to commercial partners who can assist and advise.

“We focus on the three C’s”, says City-to-City PM Tony Margiotta, “connection, collaboration, and celebration.” With a wealth of experience, Margiotta has travelled to many different cities across Europe and was deeply impressed by the emerging start-up culture that seemed to sweep the continent.

By giving businesses what Margiotta calls “global binoculars”, the city-for-city programme can help facilitate business growth over country lines.

The fact that cities including Paris, Lille, Berlin, San Diego, Lisbon, and Sofia among others are already onboard is a testament to how popular the project has become.

For more information about the city-to-city programme, you can visit the London & Partners website at:  http://business.london/invest 

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