Home Secretary honours police volunteers for services to the Metropolitan Police

Home Secretary honours police volunteers for services to the Metropolitan Police


Today (Tuesday 28 November) a team of police volunteers have been honoured for their work at an awards ceremony in London for providing support for the victims of Grenfell tower fire.

The cadets organised fundraising events for survivors and vigils to remember those who died. 

The Lord Ferrers Awards recognise the outstanding contribution of special constables, police support volunteers and volunteer police cadets. They also acknowledge the support employers and their employees offer their local force. 

The Kensington and Chelsea cadets, Lamya Al-Risheq, Samira Awil, Nabil Lassid, Mehlina Atenbring, Tarik Hardadou won the Lord Ferrers Volunteer Police Cadet – Team Award. 

The team treated young victims to a camping trip to the Isle of Wight, giving them a break from the city and a chance to speak freely about their experiences. The trip also inspired local children to enlist with the Kensington and Chelsea cadets. 

Nine winners and nine runners up were announced at the ceremony at Millbank Tower in London, which was attended by Home Secretary Amber Rudd and Policing and Fire Service Minister Nick Hurd. Over 600 nominations were submitted by police forces across England and Wales and the general public, twice as many as last year. 42 exceptional candidates were also shortlisted. 

Home Secretary Amber Rudd said:

“The Lord Ferrers Awards rightly celebrate the dedication, professionalism, and sacrifice shown by police volunteers across England and Wales.

“I am delighted to award the Kensington and Chelsea cadets for the vital contribution they have made to the Metropolitan Police and the local community following the tragedy of Grenfell tower. 

“I want to thank every single nominee for all that they do for their communities and the efforts they make to keep us all safe.”

Policing and Fire Service Minister Nick Hurd said:

“Every year the Lord Ferrers Awards demonstrate the vital contribution special constables, police support volunteers and cadets make to protecting us all. 

“Volunteers bring valuable skills from outside policing and help ensure our police force is fully equipped to deal with the challenges of 21st century policing. 

Lamya Al-Risheq, a member of the winning team, said: 

“It’s an absolute honour to have won this award and it really was a team effort. This wouldn’t have been possible without all the great staff at the volunteer police cadets that bring it all together. I can’t recommend highly enough being part of this scheme.”

The Government has brought forward legislation in the Policing and Crime Act to transform the powers and roles of police staff and volunteers which will come into force on 15th December. These reforms will, for the first time, enable volunteers to be given powers at the discretion of chief officers, based on local need, and set out the core list of powers only available to a police officer holding the office of constable. 

At the ceremony the Home Secretary announced that from next year volunteers in the Offices of Police and Crime Commissioners will be eligible for nomination.

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