New ‘Santander Cycles’ to hit London streets

New ‘Santander Cycles’ to hit London streets


Seven years after the introduction of ‘Boris Bikes’ onto London’s streets, England’s longest established cycle company Pashley have unveiled their new and improved ‘Santander Cycles’ model.

Introduced as part of a five-year £80 million contract with operator Serco, it understood that 600 new bicycles will hit London’s streets each year.

Do not let the elegant design of the new model distract you from a number of exciting new features that will improve the bike’s safety, comfort, and handling:

  • One-handed seat clamps and saddles fitted with new gel pads.
  • Tyres with internal puncture protection.
  • 180 degree lighting system that enables brighter and more effective lighting. Lights will also get brighter as the cyclist breaks.
  • Cytek technology has been installed for future updates and additions.
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth and GPS technology.

These bikes will be easier to maintain than the existing models, thereby reducing costs. Moreover, the new bikes will use the same docking stations.

Mayor Sadiq Khan, who signed the Parsley-Serco deal last year, announced last week week: “tens of thousands of Londoners and tourists enjoy using the bikes to get around our city every single day, and by making them more comfortable and manoeuvrable we’re hoping that they will be even more popular”.

For more information about the new ‘Santander Cycles’, you can watch the talented Jenson Benson run through some of the bike’s features with the digitalised SC:

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