The BIG Cheese a little something to tempt local businesses

The BIG Cheese a little something to tempt local businesses


No, it’s not the latest trade show at Olympia or farmer’s market in Kensington. The Big Cheese© is a collaboration between Kensington and Chelsea’s public, business and community sector. In a joint venture to support our local economy and to support start-ups and growing small businesses, Portobello Business Centre (PBC) and Your Credit Union have developed the Big Cheese© loan scheme in conjunction with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

In the current fast-moving global economy, business not only comes in all shapes and sizes; but in many more guises than 20 or 30 years ago. The way we make, promote, deliver, buy and sell goods and services is more complex than it has ever been. However, securing additional finance still features in most business journeys.

• Do you live or work in Kensington or Chelsea?

• Are you a looking for an injection of capital to expand your business to the next level?

• Do you need a deposit to secure a business premise?

• Perhaps you are an entrepreneur looking to develop your business idea or test your markets?

If so, why not check out the Big Cheese© business loan scheme here in Kensington and Chelsea? Portobello Business Centre (PBC) and Your Credit Union (K&C Credit Union Ltd) have joined forces to support our local businesses from diverse sectors and at whatever stage of their life. The joint initiative means that business applicants get the benefit of business advice and a review of their business plan alongside their application for loan finance.

Said Helen Mason, CEO of Your Credit Union, “Here at the Credit Union, we are keen to support our residents who have businesses by offering a personal loan to support their enterprise or business idea. We are particularly interested in supporting entrepreneurs who may struggle to access mainstream lending.”

She continued, “As responsible lenders, we encourage all applicants to borrow sensibly. We are also keen to reduce the risk in our lending. That’s why we’ve teamed up with PBC. All Big Cheese applications must be supported by a PBC Business Adviser. They will assess the business proposal and offer support to ensure the best chance of a successful application.”

Loans are available of up to £10,000, repayable over up to 5 years. Completed applications can be assessed by the Credit Union loan team, and if successful, funds transferred within 48 hours.”

PBC Business Advisers provide a flexible service that responds to the needs and circumstances of each business at the time of application. The preparation of the loan application and associated business plan can include expert knowledge and realistic advice about markets, supply chains, business models and start-up costs to help you develop your business proposal and finalise your financial plan.

Said Allen Pluck, CEO of PBC, “It’s called the Big Cheese because it’s all about you, your big idea, your business.  We are keen to support entrepreneurs and business people from all sectors and at any stage of their business development. Contact us to make a no-obligation free appointment to discuss your lending needs.”

The benefits of a BIG CHEESE© loan:

• Unlike typical High Street lenders, the interest is only charged on the reducing balance of the loan

• No arrangement fees

• No hidden costs

• No early payment penalties if you decide to pay the loan back quicker

As ethical businesses both Your Credit Union and PBC reinvest their income in their businesses and services for the benefit of their members and service– users. Local businesses and entrepreneurs are encouraged to contact either Your Credit Union or Portobello Business Centre for more information.

Credit Union: 346 Kensington High Street, W14 8NS. T: 020 7605 6341

Portobello Business Centre: 6 & 7 Canalside House, 383 Ladbroke Groove, W10 5AA E:

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