Macron’s new bill is threat to human rights, says UN

Macron’s new bill is threat to human rights, says UN


The UN warns that a new French counter-terrorism bill could be a threat to human rights.

French president, Emmanuel Macron, put forward the bill which transfers the current special policing powers under the country’s state of emergency to permanent law.

In a statement from the UN, it was said the bill could impact citizens’ “right to liberty and security, the right to access to court, freedom of movement, freedom of peaceful assembly and association, freedom of expression and freedom of religion or belief”.

UN experts also said that the bill had a “vague definition of terrorism”, and would discriminate against Muslims.

This intends to take France out of the permanent state of emergency it’s been in since the Paris attacks in November 2015, where 130 people were killed by ISIS.

Macron said that “long-term policies were needed to “permanently eradicate the influence of Daesh (ISIS)”.

Taking the country out of emergency status is a challenge the President has faced since beating right-wing Marine Le Pen in the election in May. The bill is expected to be passed in Parliament this month.

Many have argued that this move will in fact enter France into a permanent state of emergency, rather than lifting it.

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