Britain’s first astronaut visits Fulham school

Britain’s first astronaut visits Fulham school


Helen Sharman, Britain’s first astronaut, came to Kensington Prep School in Fulham yesterday to speak to the pupils as part of Explore Floor, a project which encourages learning through technology.

Kensington Prep is for girls aged four to eleven. It has been leading the way in innovative girl’s education ever since it opened in 1873.

Sharman told the pupils: “The first person to set foot on Mars is probably already at school – and it could be you.”

Sharman is one of the school’s inspirational role models, and her visit coincided with the start of their first ever STEM week.

Head Teacher Prudence Lynch said that maths, science, technology and engineering were subjects among teenagers and undergraduates that have traditionally not been as popular with girls as with boys.

“We want to start with very young children to reverse this trend.”

She went on to say: “We have some of the best facilities and teaching to stimulate girls’ creativity and curiosity in these wonderful subjects. There’s absolutely no reason why pupils should fall into any past boy/girl stereotypes in the future.”

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