Cyclinteriors: A new home for your bicycle

Cyclinteriors: A new home for your bicycle


Cyclists are taking over. MAMILS (Middle Aged Men In Lycra) now dominate the morning commute cityscape, as ever more of us vie to escape packed, overpriced trains. To some, bicycles are particularly aesthetically pleasing, but you don’t have to adore life on two wheels to consider incorporating bikes into your interior design.  Hence cyclinteriors!

If you already store a bicycle or two in the home, they can be a bit of a nuisance unless you have a dedicated storage space for them. Increasingly in urban homes, where space is of the essence, people are utilising the bicycle a part of the interior design itself. Allow your imagination to free wheel.

Rather than bikes creating assault courses in hallways, being relegated to the shed or the garage, Design Studio Quarterre’s range of stands are effective and highly aesthetic storage solutions designed to seamlessly and elegantly integrate cycling with work or home environments. Visit for more information.

Quarterre launched their first range of Furniture For Bikes recently, and they can be seen at the cult East London cyclists’ hub, the London Design Festival. Designed to support everyday life on two wheels, these premium pieces unite cycling culture with interior design. Driven by personal passions for cycling, the designers sought to address the challenges of owning a bike in an urban environment.


Even if your bikes are stored outside of the living accommodation why not wall mount a bicycle as a sculpture in its own right? If that is a bit too much for your taste, bicycles still make great subjects for more traditional artwork. Even a model or a stylised photograph can unify a room if you have given it a bicycle based theme.

Old bicycles deserve a new lease of life too. Upcycled cycles if you will! A spray paint job on a bike that is no longer of any use, will make it a great addition to a garden and can act as an interesting feature, especially if you are waiting for planting to mature in a particular area. Another bright idea is to offer an old bicycle a second life as a piece of furniture. Why not use one from a junkyard and convert it into a slim line table or a pedestal for a hand wash basin?

But you needn’t be a Tour de France expert, or even regular visitor to your local velodrome to consider adding some vintage bicycle parts to your living room as an interesting cyclinteriors focal point. Bicycle-themed artwork can fit with almost any style. Explore some 1960s Italian cycling posters. A mountainbiking image from an aerial view can add a nature-inspired touch to a contemporary space.

Designer Andrew Gregg manipulates bike parts to create interesting bespoke table and chair designs. Whilst the wheels of the bikes can create a lovely effect there are also other elements of a bicycle which can be up-cycled. Some lovely examples of this include a chandelier made from bike chains and this lamp made from some of the gears and the body of the bicycle. Check out Gregg’s website at

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