Zone one gyms needn’t necessarily break the bank

Zone one gyms needn’t necessarily break the bank


So you’re looking for gyms in zone one that’s not going to cost you a Premier League footballer’s weekly wage. Good luck! But wait, what’s this? There’s a gym near Bayswater underground station offering monthly memberships for less than £30.

I bet the equipment is old and rusty, and the changing rooms in dire need of redecorating. Wrong! Previously an LA Fitness gym, this gym has been transformed into a PureGym which opened late last year. The renovation saw them say goodbye to the swimming pool to maximise floor space, a decision which has actually worked really well in my view. The gym is spread over two spacious floors and contains over 220 pieces of quality state of the art gym equipment such as LIVESTRONG spin bikes by Matrix, vibrating Power Plates and TRX training frames. They also offer over 50 free classes a week. Conveniently, you don’t worry about being locked into a 12 month deal as they offer ‘no contract membership’ which means you can join and cancel anytime.

Of course, gyms as cheap as this do inevitably have certain pitfalls. Firstly gaining entry to the gym itself can be akin to the defeating Crystal Maze, at least for me. Upon becoming a member you are sent an access code which you type into a keypad to enter the gym. Unfortunately, as I was informed by text message, my code had not been activated yet. After some brief cursing I searched, in vain, for a member of staff. This was a Saturday morning so you would have expected someone to be on hand, but no. So there I was, all pumped up and ready to go, looking plaintively through the big glass windows at all the equipment I couldn’t use. Eventually I gave up, and after battling with customer service back at home I made another successful attempt later.

While I have to say the equipment is certainly decent, it can be tricky to actually get a chance to use it, especially of an evening. Helpfully you can log in to you PureGym account and see a live update of  how many people are currently using the gym. But if you like a nice quiet workout, your only hope  of finding such sanctity is during work hours, Monday to Friday. No surprise there. But at the end of the day this is a no frills gym, so you can’t really expect the earth. If you’ve read all the way to here; I have some bonus information. If you sign up through your monthly membership can be less than £25 per month! Now that is amazing.

If you’re not already convinced, allow me to list a few of the available classes. Zumba (of course), Pure Box Fit, Muscle Gain Induction (great for making sure you’re lifting with correct form and won’t injure yourself), Pure Yoga, Pure Abs, Pure Circuits, Pure Fat Burn, Pure Cycle. There are three personal trainers available, which is great if you need one and great if you don’t like being pestered by them too, because most gyms seem to have about 30 in my experience. The changing rooms and showers are more than adequate, and there are plenty of lockers too. Overall, PureGym Bayswater is incredible value for money given its location (Bayswater House, 6 Moscow Place, London, W2 4AP), just don’t go in with overly high expectations!

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