Children’s Art Fundraiser held for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

Children’s Art Fundraiser held for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity


Belgravia school children held a fundraising art exhibition for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity on Friday, May 12th.

The students at St Peters Church of England School organized the highly successful event, selling out tickets in support of a student’s mother diagnosed with Oesophageal cancer. With an artwork theme of ‘Special Moments’ aimed to reveal the appreciation of the value of every child’s unique experience.

Students created the art in class and framed their work for parents and visitors to see and buy.

The year two boy’s mother is currently in remission. She said, ‘I could never repay the hospital for saving my life and letting my son have his mummy for longer.’

Doctors at the Royal Marsden Hospital diagnosed the aggressive cancer early and were able to provide world-class treatment, saving the mother’s life. When I was very ill, it was the memories of special moments of my life that helped me cope,’ she said.

Parents generously donated and were delighted to discover their child’s special moment at the exhibition, which was sponsored by Jeroboams and supported by HEMA.

Zillah, the artist and mastermind behind the exhibition suggested the idea of creating artwork based on the children’s memories to school’s Head Teacher.

The idea was welcomed and supported by the school.

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