World’s first estate agency for cats opens in London

World’s first estate agency for cats opens in London


The charity Blue Cross has opened the world’s first estate agency for cats in London.

The unique cat pop-up estate agency will be offering houses that are exclusively designed for feline tenants.

Constructed of cardboard and created by a mixture of journalists, bloggers, designers, retailers, 3D design University students and local school children.

Its listings include extravagant Georgian Manor Houses and Taj Mahal replicas, which come with detailed descriptions and a floor plan for your feline-friend.

“Cats are very inquisitive and love to explore new things, so most won’t hesitate to jump inside a cardboard box. Owners often provide cardboard boxes for kittens to climb and play on and jump in and these early experiences create an affection for boxes in later life. Cats also love to hide and feel safe and secure, they will often seek out dark nooks and crannies with high sides”, says Head of Animal Behaviour at Blue Cross, Ryan Neile.

The animal welfare charity would also like to draw attention to the hundreds of homeless and unwanted cats in its care all needing a real home to call their own.

The estate agency will be open for members of the public to visit from 26-29 April in Shoreditch, East London, with all houses available to purchase via a silent auction where each house will be given to the highest bidder. Cat lovers unable to attend can find out how to register their interest in a house online at the Blue Cross website and all proceeds go to blue cross.


Estate Agent for Cats

26 April – 29 April

10.00am – 4.00pm

Estate Agent For Cats, 81 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4QS

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