Mexico/U.S. border activity at all time low

Mexico/U.S. border activity at all time low


The busiest land border in the Western hemisphere linking Mexico’s Tijuana with San Diego in California, the San Ysidro border crossing, has seen queues shrink to an all time low.

Pedestrian and vehicular traffic has slumped since US President Donald Trump has taken office. The slowdown appears to be linked to reports that immigration officers have begun the implementation of a zero tolerance policy towards visa violations.

There appears to be change in attitude from border patrol officers towards green card holders commuting regularly between the two countries. Green card holders are meant to reside in the US, but many live in Mexico where living costs are cheaper, crossing the border to work in the US on a regular basis where wages are reportedly up to six times higher.

With the recent detention of hundreds of Mexican immigrants, it looks like US officials are beginning to implement Trump’s campaign to expel illegal immigrants.

The slow down at the Ysidro border could be the beginning in a serious shift in the flow of goods and people between the two countries if Trump is to follow through with promises to scrap or renegotiate the historic 1994 North America Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) that scrapped nearly all customs duties.

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