Kensington and Chelsea fares worst in first noise nuisance map of London

Kensington and Chelsea fares worst in first noise nuisance map of London


Kensington and Chelsea is topping a new London noise nuisance chart with over 13,500 complaints logged in the wealthy borough in 2016.

Compiled by noise monitoring experts Cirrus Research via Freedom of Information requests of 33 London boroughs, the city overall had more than 143,000 noise nuisance complaints logged but the data also revealed the areas which were complaint hot spots.

The statistics put  Kensington and Chelsea top of the noisy neighbourhood poll with 13,790 complaints over the 12 months, covering a population of 157,700. That is the equivalent of approximately 87.4 complaints per 1,000 head.

Westminster came second with 16,915 complaints within a population of around 242,300 – the equivalent of 69.8 complaints per 1,000 and Hammersmith and Fulham came in third with 8,963 complaints within a population of approx. 179,000 or 50 complaints per 1,000.

At the other end of the noise scale, the quietest was south east London’s Lewisham with just a tiny 458 complaints logged or 1.5 per 1,000 across the year in a population of over 297,000.

Unlike other parts of the UK which have also being surveyed, one of the commonest triggers leading to a noise complaint in London was construction, along with music and shouting neighbours. Surprisingly, barking dogs only featured in three boroughs – Lewisham, Sutton and Barnet.

Other reasons for complaints not previously logged regularly outside the Capital included helicopters in Westminster and buskers in Camden where 205 street entertainers were reported, resulting in 6 prosecutions. Basement construction was also logged in its own category in Westminster.

The City of London also provided an anomaly for the researchers. With only 8,072 residents living in the financial district but 1022 complaints it would have meant a hefty 126.6 complaints per 1,000. However, with around 400,000 commuters coming into offices on a daily basis, that takes the tally down to a more reasonable 2.5/1000.


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