As strong as an OX

As strong as an OX


When you hear the phrase ‘flat-pack,’ you probably imagine a piece of Swedish furniture. But now there is a flat-pack truck. The Global Vehicle Trust OX was designed to offer low-cost, “all-terrain mobility for remote parts of Africa and the developing world.”

The concept was first envisioned by Sir Torquil Norman. Five years ago, he founded the Global Vehicle Trust (GVT) with the aim of providing cost-effective mobility for the developing world. The GVT hired the legendary Professor Gordon Murray, best known for the 231mph Mclaren F1, to create the lightweight truck.

The brief called for high ground clearance, “excellent” off road ability, large wheel movement, a multi-purpose layout and a three person cab. Murray’s flat-pack design makes the vehicle easier to be transported, reducing both cost and lead times.

Global Vehicle Trust OX by Gordon Murray (3)

Power comes from a 2.2 litre, four cylinder diesel going through a five-speed manual gearbox.  The OX was designed to offer superb all-terrain ability as well as a huge and adaptable load carrying capacity. Despite being shorter than a large SUV, it can carry 1900kg, about twice that of most pick-ups, and a volume of 7 cubic metres. This also means it can seat 13 people or carry eight 44-galon drums or three Euro-pallets.

Across the developing world, there is an increasing need for better transportation, both for everyday living and emergencies. The OX was designed to take on these challenges and perform brutal tasks moving food, water, fertilizer or, building materials.

“The most satisfying elements of the project for me” said Murray, “are that the OX will make such a difference to so many people and that it has no competitor in any part of the world. It has been a privilege to work alongside Torquil to make his vision a reality.”

Global Vehicle Trust OX by Gordon Murray (2)

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