Our second female PM

Our second female PM


We will soon have our nation’s second female Prime Minister. Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom are vying for the leadership of their party, with the leadership of our country soon to follow.

Mrs May is the current favourite with 2/9, with Mrs Leadsom some way behind with 10/3.

In the second Conservative Party MPs’ ballot, current Home Secretary, Theresa May receiveD 199 votes, while Leadsom had 84. Michael Gove, who is the current Justice Secretary and who forced out the odds on favourite, Boris Johnson, was eliminated after receiving just 46 votes.

It is the first time that a leadership contest for the Conservative party has been held between two women. However, despite the fact that both of the UK’s female PMs will have come from the Conservative party, the Westminster pool to choose from is limited.

In the 2015 general election, of the 650 MPs elected, 191 were women, up by 44 since the last government. Of the total number of female MPs elected, just 68 were for the Conservative party, compared to Labour’s 99.

With Jeremy Corbyn stuck between a giant rock and a giant rock smashing jackhammer stuffed full of dynamite, the former Shadow First Secretary of State and Shadow Business Secretary, Angela Eagle, is tentatively poised to challenge for the Labour leadership. This could see a landmark PMQs where both sides of the house are led by female parliamentarians.

Likewise, overseas, women could be taking up the reigns of leadership in many of the world’s most important countries. Hillary Clinton is determined to become the next, and first, FEMALE President of the US. Her future Presidency has, however, already been significantly dented by accusations regarding her use of a personal email account for government duties. Moreover, her rival, Donald Trump, has used her status as the “establishment candidate” to significantly undermine her standing with many Americans.

Queueing behind the UK and United states is France, where Marine Le Pen, who is buoyant on the back of Brexit, will be standing in the 2017 Presidential elections. Polling currently suggests that she is neck and neck with current President François Hollande, but that former President Nicolas Sarkozy would beat her if he ran against her. If Le Pen was to succeed, however, she has already indicated overwhelmingly that she would force an EU referendum in

France where over 60% of the population say they are unhappy with the EU.

Finally, if Angela Merkel stands and wins again in Germany’s Federal Elections in 2017, it appears that for the first time in some while, she will have a lot of competition to top the Forbes 100 most powerful women list again.
And of course, all of this will seem rather irrelevant when Daenerys Targaryen sails across the Narrow Sea to subjugate all our newly elected female leaders.


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